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puncturesafe puncture preventerPuncturesafe is an innovative new product available from Top Garage that prevents punctures and extends the life of your tyres.

It is not a “get-you-home” solution to a puncture but a permanent treatment that lasts for the life of the tyre. Puncturesafe¬†coats the inside of the tyre with a tough coating which instantly seals punctures as they occur.

It is suitable for cars, vans, caravans, bikes and motorcycles, light and heavy trucks and the largest construction and agricultural vehicles. In fact anything that has rubber tyres!

For the majority of vehicles it means you will not suffer a puncture for the life of your tyres, avoiding danger and inconvenience. In the unusual case of a tyre suffering severe structural damage Puncturesafe will help avoid total blow-out and provide a gradual deflation of the tyre. So no more shocks on the motorway, no more trying to change a wheel in the rain.

Puncturesafe¬†is easy and quick to apply by Top Garage’s technicians and takes little time. We don’t even need to remove the wheels. Pricing is very reasonable and depends on the type and size of tyre you want treated. Just call us to make an appointment and we’ll give you a firm price.

Website Launch

Top Garage are pleased to announce we are launching a new website.

Built using the popular WordPress system it will make it quicker and easier for us to update content and add special offers and other promotional details. It will link in with social media via Facebook and Twitter and so provide more ways for existing customers to keep in touch and for new ones to find us.

If you have any comments or suggestions please get in touch as your feedback is important to us.